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Milano Straps Leather strap Nato Burgundy Italian Leather Strap
Milano Straps Leather strap Nato Burgundy Italian Leather Strap
Milano Straps Leather strap Nato Burgundy Italian Leather Strap

Nato Burgundy Italian Leather Strap

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SKU: MS-110-BURG-22-SP

The NATO watch strap was developed by the British Ministry of Defense and named after the item’s stock number. It was issued to soldiers provided they filled out a G1098 form, which gave the strap another nickname - the G10. As with most military equipment, the NATO strap was created for functionality. Its one-piece design provides fail-safe operation as the strap connects to each of the spring bars separately. If one of the bars ever breaks or pops out, the watch will remain securely on your wrist. Product Benefits:

Hand-crafted with genuine Italian calf leather
One size fits nearly all wrists, infinitely adjustable
Fail-safe — remains on the wrist even if a spring bar breaks
Superior comfort, leather molds to your wrist with time
Easily pairs with any watch - cheap, expensive, vintage or modern

Inexpensive way to add variety to your watch wardrobe A NATO strap will fit nearly any wrist as it’s infinitely adjustable. On a smaller wrist, the excess strap can be fashionably tucked back into the keeper. In the event of a larger wrist without any excess, the end of the strap terminates near the second keeper.

It’s a perfect fit for all. Besides practicality, the NATO strap comes with an unmatched cool factor. How cool?
James Bond 007 cool. In Goldfinger, we see the original Bond, played by Sean Connery, checking his Rolex Submariner which sports a NATO style strap. Undoubtedly, this helped propel the NATO strap into the mainstream and engraved it into the hearts of watch enthusiasts across the globe. What’s great about the G10 is its versatility. You don’t have to be a sharp looking M16 British Agent driving an Aston Martin DB5 to rock one of these. It pairs great with anything cheap or expensive, vintage or modern. It will work just as well on a Timex as it does on a Rolex, Omega or even a Patek Phillipe. It’s an inexpensive way to add some variety to your watch wardrobe.

Brand: Milano Straps

Model: Nato Burgundy Italian Leather Strap

Material:Calf Leather

Color: Burgundy
Stitches: None

Lug With: 20mm - 22mm Length: 255mm

Thickness :1mm

Made in Italy

Nato Burgundy Italian Leather Strap has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews.
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