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Milano Straps Leather strap Green Saffiano  Leather Watch Strap
Milano Straps Leather strap Green Saffiano  Leather Watch Strap
Milano Straps Leather strap Green Saffiano  Leather Watch Strap
Milano Straps Leather strap Green Saffiano  Leather Watch Strap

Green Saffiano Leather Watch Strap

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You live by the phrase “Work hard, play hard.” A person with your active lifestyle needs a watch strap that combines the classiness of traditional leather with superior durability. For the dapper gentleman or the sophisticated woman living life at full-throttle, you need a product that can survive the day to day grind.

You’re not an average Joe, so the perfect piece will turn heads and make a lasting impression. For you my friend, we recommend our genuine Saffiano leather watch strap.

Product Benefits:

Hand-crafted with genuine Saffiano leather

Superior durability to withstand your active lifestyle
Wax coating is scratch, stain and water resistant
Practical and easy to clean — simply wipe with a soft cloth
Stands out from the crowd with a unique, cross-hatched pattern

Manufacturing process provides unparalleled, vibrant color Saffiano leather originated in Italy’s famous tanneries and is believed to have been invented by Mario Prada himself.

Today, we collaborate with highly skilled artisans in Italy to make this wonderful material available to watch aficionados worldwide. True to tradition, we use only the highest quality calfskin which is carefully selected and thoroughly inspected. The hide is tanned naturally and in an environmentally friendly manner, without the use of harsh chemicals. It then undergoes a special heating process and is machine pressed to create the distinctive cross-hatch, diagonal pattern that makes this type of leather so unique.

Finally, it’s treated with a protective wax finish. This procedure gives the leather a beautiful luster and results in a saturated, vivid color. It also provides the band with an unmatched ability to withstand wear and damage. Your vintage wristwatch was meant to be worn. Unlike your previous strap, this one is built to last. When a watch strap can offer you style and practicality, that’s when you know you’ve got a gem on your hands (or should I say around your wrist).

Choose the reliability that our Saffiano leather strap offers and get back to living your life, full-speed ahead!

Brand: Milano Straps
Model: Green Saffiano Leather Watch Strap
Material: Saffiano leather
Color: Green
Stitches: Tone
Lug With: 18mm x 16mm - 19mm x 16mm - 20mm x 16mm - 22mm x 18mm - 24mm x 20mm
Length: 11.5cm X 7.5cm
Thickness : 2.1mm

Made in Italy


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