Red Suede Watch Strap Stitches


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This red suede vintage watch strap is definitely a must-have. Unique in its design and beauty you will not only feel distinguished but comfortable once strapped on. It has such a soft feel about it that it will make you forget that you are even wearing a watch and be sure that people will notice it with its stunning color and design. This will make the perfect gift any time of year for that special someone or for you to even buy for yourself, you deserve it. You would not want to miss out on such class and stunning fashion!

Brand: Milano Straps
Model: Red Suede watch strap stitches
Material: Suede
Lug With: 20mm
Thickness: 2mm
Made in Italy

We are not related to any watch brand. We mention watch brands and models in order to help and secure our customers, providing technical and aesthetically necessary information.

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