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My name is Antonio, I am a USA based Italian watchmaker and the founder, with my wife Maria, of Milano Straps, a family-owned business that creates high-quality straps that can’t be found elsewhere. We are here to offer a unique watch-wearing experience to watch lovers all around the world.

I'm a devoted watchmaker since 1972. My passion for watches grew stronger, so I started my first watch business in 1984 opening a vintage shop in Milan.
I had no other choice but being devoted to a family tradition, always driven by love, of course. Italian designers are known for leading the way in every luxury industry. And watches make no exception.

Here is the short history of how Milano Straps was born

I grew up surrounded by watches. My father was a watchmaker, and ever since a little child, I would wander into the watch shop and organize watch straps by size and color. It all started back then when I discovered that watch straps come in a very limited variety of colors and styles. I was blocked by rules. That made my job, even as a kid, kind of dull. But that also triggered my creativity and made me want to create something that was different.

Thanks to our background of recognizing excellence in style and craftsmanship, we developed a concept store.
Our mission is to #breaktherules and to bring the watch straps into the center point of the wristwatch.
We work to make it more than just an accessory. We deliver it to be a statement piece, a key-piece of personality for the wearer,

Italy’s tradition of top-class craftsmanship is an essential aspect of what we do here at Milano Straps. We combine rich Italian culture and history with modern designs and fresh ideas, to create exquisite accessories for your watches.

In a world where so much is becoming dull, we bring back the thrill of discovering
unique pieces of artwork that complement fine watches with the best Italian leather straps.

"Milano Straps is where passion, maniacal attention to details and quality, simply fuse. "

All straps are created from the love we put into our work, the collaboration with some of the best Italian artisans and the use of top quality Italian leather. Each strap is carefully tanned, without the use of any harmful chemicals and is ready to land perfectly on the wrist of a watch aficionado.

Our leather straps collection is made out of vintage leather watch straps, which embody small pieces of history transformed into modern, state of the art Italian watch straps. Suede vintage watch straps complement luxury watches with their softness and pliability, making them suitable for any special occasion.

Apple-watch leather straps are available in multiple colors, styles, and materials. They are handcrafted by local artisans with extreme attention to details and only from the best Italian quality materials.

In addition to the Milan leather Straps you will find, a range of Military watch straps. These eye-catching straps are heavy duty and ready for adventure. This collection is carefully crafted with sturdy leather or nylon materials and stainless steel for enhanced looks and wearability.

Journey with us to a place where watch straps become the center of the wristwatch. From luxury vintage watch straps to new, innovative designs and gem-like genuine Italian leather straps, anything can be possible for you, the watch lover.

Discover Milano Straps for an exciting watch-wearing experience.

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Address: 309 East 108 Street #3A, New York, NY 10029, United States
Phone: +1 (800) 605-2864
Email: support@milanostraps.com
Business Hour: 10am - 5pm (Mon-Fri)