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Cognac Vintage Leather Watch Strap


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Cognac Vintage Leather Watch Strap

Show the world you have exquisite taste by pairing your vintage watch with our classic cognac leather strap. Luxurious Italian leather with just the right amount of character will complete your look for a GQ sophistication that’s sure to turn the heads of males and females alike. If you're going to make a statement, make a bold statement with a cognac leather band from Milano Straps.

Product Benefits:

  • Improve your style: Instantly add sophistication to your appearance with timeless leather

  • Wear it comfortably: Our leather strap is pleasingly soft wrapped around your wrist

  • Stand out: Cognac leather has a unique eye-catching patina and personality of its own

  • Enjoy it longer: Leather is durable and ages well so you can sport this strap for years to come

  • Expanded wardrobe: Vintage leather will look great with nearly any watch or outfit so you can  use it with your whole collection

Brand: Milano Straps
Model: Cognac Vintage leather watch strap
Material: Vintage leather
Lug With: 18mm - 20mm - 22mm - 24mm
Length: 11.5cm X 7.5cm
Thickness : 2.5mm
Made in Italy


Vintage leather will look great with nearly any watch or outfit so you can  use it with your whole collection.

Impeccable attention to detail is what separates ordinary men from the men everyone else wants to be like. Like these leaders, Milano Straps is a leader in outstanding quality that makes our straps stand out from the pack. Human hands guided by generations of watch strap making knowledge craft raw materials into the finest straps to every wrap around your wrist.
Every strap is a work of art, handmade with the pride and passion of true artisans in the finest Italian tanneries.
You only want the best strap for your favorite vintage watch, and that’s why we are highly selective when it comes to the materials that go into every one of our straps. Only genuine Italian calf leather is used in production, which goes through a natural tanning process that avoids the use of environmentally unfriendly chemicals, which can also irritate the skin. Strong fibered thread is hand sewn for precise stitching that won’t fray or unravel.
Polished stainless steel or yellow gold buckles are available to suit your taste, both being hypoallergenic for the most pleasant experience.
Be prepared for your next business meeting or first date and show the world what confidence looks like. Our cognac leather strap is the perfect match for your vintage timepiece. When you wear it around your wrist you’ll look and feel like the world is yours for the taking. Order yours today and get to conquering.

We are not related to any watch brand. We mention watch brands and models in order to help and secure our customers, providing technical and aesthetically necessary information.